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    Greasy Records Proudly Presents, the new music video for Grit with the song Others.

    1 novembre 2017
  • Heading to Germany

    So happy to tell you that we'll be supporting"Welshly Arms" on the German part of their european tour

    15 septembre 2017
  • Shreds of Tales – Available NOW !

    Folks, you can now stream our debut album "Shreds Of Tales " on every available platform !

    25 août 2017
  • Coming to you NYC

    Glad and proud to announce that we'll be representing France @ the NYC - MONDO music festival

    20 août 2017
  • Divided By One Music Video

    The video for "Divided By One" is out now !

    27 juillet 2017
  • Album Announcement

    Hey Guys, very proud to announce that our debut album - Shreds Of Tales -

    27 juin 2017
  • Orange is The New Grit

    New Band Pic by the very talented Alexis Senaffe.

    7 mai 2017
  • The Family Tree Tour

    Happy to play in Belgium for the first time. Come check us out on the road !

    3 mai 2017
  • Chapter II – Family Tree – Out June 2

    Hey folks, so happy to tell you that "Chapter II - Family Tree" is ready to go

    24 avril 2017
  • More praise for Gary

    Chapter One got the praise from W-Fenec, read the awesome review here

    16 avril 2017
  • Back with the Status

    After the "no gig" @ le Zenith in December, Status Quo are back in Paris, and we are still on as the opening act.

    3 avril 2017
  • Grit – Rolling Stone

    Thank you Rolling Stone ! Check out the article and watch an exclusive pre-release of

    16 mars 2017
  • Ground Control to Major Goodmann

    And finally "Chapter One - The Tale Of Gary Goodmann is out"

    10 mars 2017
  • And another one !

    Songazine again with this time a review of our upcoming release -Chapter One – The Tale Of Gary Goodmann-

    3 mars 2017
  • Release Party

    Pre Sale Tickets are available for the release party at a special price

    23 février 2017
  • New Review

    Check out this great review of -Chapter One - The Tale Of Gary Goodmann.

    22 février 2017
  • Live Report

    Thank you Songazine for making Grit "artist of the month" in february.

    10 février 2017
  • Video interview for United Rock Nations

    It’s fun to talk about Gary and his whereabouts !

    7 février 2017
  • The Gary Goodmann Tour

    Psyched to announce our first tour !

    28 janvier 2017
  • Our first interview

    If you wanna learn more about what's coming in 2017 for the Grit team...

    11 janvier 2017
  • Grit @ L’international

    Paris, we'll play @ L'international on 01/27 with our friend R2J.

    5 janvier 2017
  • The Tale Of Gary Goodmann

    The first of three chapter from our upcoming album…

    1 janvier 2017
  • Grit in Holy Brittany

    Hey Folks, we’ll be playing @ Festival du tout venant in Allaire on 12/29…

    17 décembre 2016
  • Grit @ Bus Palladium Paris

    Hey Paris ! We’ll be @ Bus Palladium on December 16…

    6 décembre 2016
  • Opening for « Status Quo » @ Zenith de Paris

    Very proud to announce we’ll be opening for…

    8 novembre 2016
  • Just announced – Grit @ Supersonic – Paris

    Good news..!

    15 octobre 2016

    Hey Folks, the LIVE video for SISTER is here…

    12 septembre 2016

    Here’s a little teaser for the upcoming and final video from…

    5 septembre 2016

    The new video taken from our debut EP – Live @ Kramus Deluxe Studio is ready…

    17 juillet 2016
  • Live @ Kramus Deluxe Studio OUT NOW

    We’re OUT on every platform. You can now go to your favorite…

    24 juin 2016
  • Exclusive Release on TIDAL

    Folks, if you have a TIDAL account, you can stream…

    21 juin 2016

    Here’s the second teaser for our upcoming EP – Live @ Kramus Deluxe Studio. Ready, or not ?

    19 juin 2016
  • The artwork is here

    Check out the artwork for our first EP

    6 juin 2016
  • First Single « G.F.Y. » out now on Youtube

    Check it out now !

    1 mai 2016
  • Live EP !

    Proud to announce that ...

    26 avril 2016
  • Debut concert @ L’international – Paris

    Many thanks to everybody who...

    20 avril 2016
  • Filming Live Session @ Kramus Deluxe Studio

    Just finished shooting a ...

    21 mars 2016
  • An introduction to Grit Part 3

    Yeah you got it.

    14 février 2016
  • An introduction to Grit Part 2

    Starting to get an idea ?

    10 février 2016
  • An introduction to Grit Part 1

    What exactly might Grit be ?

    4 février 2016


Come to think of it, what exactly might Grit be, other than a strong personal skill to cultivate and grow?

Showing some grit has as much to do with perseverance and inner determination as it does with thrusting straight ahead, reaching for goals with serious power. Grit is an interesting mix of passion, investment and hard work.

Unsurprisingly, all four members of GRIT, the band, are all about persistence, rhythm. They’re tenacious musicians and would rather open doors than close them, but don’t mind kicking them open if needed. They’ve chosen the kind of rock that comes with abrupt edges, but they’re just as happy to drag their shoes in the sand, drawing poetic and fierce contours around their world.



  • Shreds Of Tales


    Buy Album

  • Chapter II - Family Tree

    Chapter II

    Family Tree


    From the Debut Album - Shreds Of Tales - short stories about "normal" people living "normal" lives. (At least according to them...)

    Buy Album

  • Chapter I - The Tale Of Gary Goodmann

    Chapter I

    The Tale Of Gary Goodmann


    From the Debut Album - Shreds Of Tales - short stories about "normal" people living "normal" lives. (At least according to them...)

    Buy Album

  • Live @ Kramus Deluxe Studio

    13 minutes of raw energy meant to capture the essence of human interaction, in the instant, without a safety net.

    Buy Album




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